You can connect with Anand for an individual session or a beautifull relaxing massage.

Sometimes there is something in your life you would like to focus on one-to-one. Some individual sessions can just be what suppport you to live your life in joy and fullfillment.

Together we can explore what kind of session is most suitable for your situation.



Body-oriented session

Breath session

(Tantra) Meditation session

Massage / pulse session.

Cost:  from € 60,- an hour, depending on your budget or if  the session is payed by your company.

More recent information you find through our new website: www.the

Anand is registered at:

BeTTEL, Beroepsvereniging Trainers & Therapeuten Emotioneel Lichaamswerk.

RBCZ, Stichting Registratie Beroepsbeoefenaren Aanvullende Gezondheidszorg.

TCZ,Stichting Tuchtrecht Beroepsbeoefenaren Natuurlijke Gezondheidszorg.

AGBcode, 90 – 043061: M.E.A.M. van Schalkwijk. 90- 51823: Akash, Meditatie & Coaching.