Dhyan Anand van Schalkwijk (1965):

After graduating in ’88 at the HEAO in Company Informatics, I worked for 12 years with much contentment in the IT and as a teacher. All external wealth was there and yet I had frequently a sense that there was more in life. I started to search: drama, music, meditation, bodywork and did the 4-year School for Trainer Emotional Bodywork at Venwoude. Here I lived and worked (as trainer, masseuse and coach) for 9 years and I met Kabir. To love Osho and my Tantric familie deepens what is important for me: to live from Love, joy and consiousness.
Through OshoAkash we create a place to share love and celebrate life.

Prem Kabir Kosse (1962):

My introduction to Osho was many years ago, through its active meditations and in contact with sannyasins; fascination and resistance simultaneously. There followed many years of intensive community life, especially in Venwoude. Again fascination and sufficient resistance to overcome. Recently, togehter with Anand, I visited various Osho communities in India and Nepal. My understanding of Osho’s work was greatly enriched and I have more silence in my own life now. Since 2005 I have specialized in cooking vegetarian meals for seekers on the path, which is nice to do. Spirituality and daily life come together in OshoAkash in a more intense form than previously.